Changing Places Facilities

On display until 31 December 2024, 12:00 PM

LPSC (Liverpool Plains Shire Council) is pleased to advise that the accessible toilets at the Nancy Gray OAM Pavilion are now registered as a Changing Places facility. This means that people looking for an accessible toilet can now easily find this facility on the map by conducting an online search at

Access to clean, safe, and private toilets is a fundamental human right that should be universally available. For individuals with high support needs, this right is often compromised, limiting their participation in community activities.

Changing Places toilets address this critical gap by providing facilities designed to accommodate diverse needs, ensuring everyone can engage fully in community life.

Changing Places toilets feature essential amenities such as:

  • a height-adjustable adult-sized change table
  • a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system
  • a centrally-located peninsula toilet
  • additional circulation space beyond standard accessible toilets
  • an automatic door with a clear opening of at least 950 mm
  • a privacy screen.


These facilities are pivotal in enabling individuals with high support needs to participate in everyday activities that many take for granted, including work, school, recreational outings, and social events.

"Without Changing Places toilets, many individuals face significant barriers in their daily lives," said Mayor Doug Hawkins OAM.

"These facilities are not just conveniences; they are essential for fostering inclusivity and ensuring equal access to public spaces," he said.

Changing Places toilets play a crucial role in breaking down barriers and promoting dignity and independence for all community members. Their installation in public spaces is a critical step towards creating an inclusive environment where everyone can fully participate and thrive.

For further information on Changing Places toilets visit