Local Environmental Plan 2011 (LEP)

Local planning and zoning

The Liverpool Plains Local Environmental Plan 2011(LEP) sets out standards and permissions that apply to land use and development within our local government area.

The LEP allows Liverpool Plains Shire Council to regulate how private and public land is used or protected through zoning. Land is classified for a range of use such as residential, business, industrial or industrial.

The LEP document and maps are prepared by Council and approved by the NSW State Government.

Apply for an LEP amendment 

A developer or landowner may lodge a planning proposal with Council seeking to amend Council's LEP. Amending Council’s LEP is a legal process, known as the Gateway process. Before requesting a review and proceeding with the Gateway Process, you should:

  1. Contact us
    The first step in the planning proposal process is to contact Council’s strategic planning team to discuss your planning proposal and find out if there's an alternative that would enable your proposed activity.
  2. Make a formal amendment request
    If there is no alternative to enable your proposed activity, you'll need to submit a request for a Planning Proposal via the NSW Planning Portal. You must include your Planning Proposal with your amendment request. If you have made any political donations and gifts, you must complete a
  3. Pay the Fees
    Council will quote the Planning Proposal and advise of the fees payable. Refer to Council’s Fees and Charges for more information.

The amendment might not proceed if it isn't consistent with other state, regional and local policies and if there are other known constraints or risks such as flooding, contamination or bush fire. To seek clarification on the potential constraints or risks for a specific site, please order a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate.

Gateway determination

Where supported by the elected Council, the planning proposal is forwarded to the Department of Planning and Environment for determination. The Gateway will determine if the proposed amendment is accepted and the conditions the planning proposal must comply with.

View proposed LEP amendments

To view the details and progress of all planning proposals that Council has forwarded to the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment for gateway determination, visit the LEPs Online website.

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