Report an issue with your Bin

Find how to report a missed bin collection or if you have lost a bin.  You can also request a bin repair or replacement. 

To avoid a missed bin collection, please:

  • Put your bins out the night before collection and place them 1 metre apart
  • Make sure your bins are completely closed
  • Make sure your bins are away from parked vehicles
  • Don't overfill your bins.  The trucks have difficulties lifting bins that weigh over 50kg. 
  • Do not place items next to the bin on the nature strip.  This is illegal dumping. 

Missing or stolen bin

Use one of the following methods to report your bin lost or stolen.

 You will need to provide all required information to allow us to issue a replacement bin. 

Delivery of a new bin will usually have a turnaround of up to 7 working days from when your completed declaration was received. 

Missed collection

There are several reasons you bin may not have been collected, including:

  • Your bin was overfull.  The weight limit is 50kg and the truck cannot lift a bin that is heavier than this. 
  • Your bin lid was open.
  • Your bin was contaminated with items that shouldn't be in it. 
  • Your bin was not out.
  • Driver error.

Please phone the Contractor on 1800 836 118 within 24 hours of the missed service to arrange collection. Alternately, please call Council's Compliance Officer on (02) 6746 1755.

Partially emptied bin

Often when a bin is only partially emptied, the waste or recyclables have been compacted.  Please take care not to overfill your bins. 

 Phone Council's Compliance team on 02 6746 1755 with any queries.

Repairing or replacing a bin

If your bin has been damaged and needs repairing or replacing, we offer this free of charge.  

Please call Council's Compliance team on 02 6746 1755 to organise a repair or replacement.