Desexing your pet

We recommend all companion animals be desexed.

Australia already has too many unwanted animals, and hundreds of thousands of animals are put down each year. 

Many unwanted litters are born because owners don’t get around to desexing their pet in time. Cats can become pregnant at just four months old, and dogs can become pregnant at five months.

Desexing is a day procedure requiring a general anaesthetic, and generally your pet is home by the evening of surgery. 

Desexing lowers the risk of animal health problems and helps reduce the number of animals who end up in pounds and shelters. Desexing also reduces aggression, roaming and anti-social behaviour in male dogs.

The benefits of desexing include:

 In female pets:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of unwanted oestrus signs e.g. vaginal discharge
  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer
  • Prevention of ovarian cancer
  • Prevention of pyometra

In male pets:

  • Reduced aggression and roaming
  • Reduced prostate problems
  • Prevention of testicular problems