Accessibility and inclusion

Barriers to full inclusion can be physical, non-physical, visible and invisible. Our Inclusion Plan 2024-2026(PDF, 5MB) maps the next steps in achieving the vision for an inclusive community.

The first step in our Inclusion Plan is to strengthen our relationship with our community members with lived experience of the barriers to full inclusion. Our Inclusion Advisory Group will guide us to identify barriers, to understand their impact and find ways to overcome and remove them.

The actions listed in this version of the Plan are the initial steps for Years 1 and 2. At the end of each year, with the assistance of our Inclusion Advisory Group, we will review and update our Inclusion Plan.

Our proposed actions cover Positive Attitudes, Access to Services, Livable Communities and Meaningful Employment. Our proposed actions cover many areas of Council’s work, and reflect our commitment that Inclusion is everybody’s business, Inclusion is core business and Inclusion brings better results for all our communities