Leadership and structure

Liverpool Plains Shire Council is led by a General Manager, who is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the organisation and implementing the decisions of the elected Council.

Our organisation comprises two departments, each headed by a Director. In turn, each Director is supported by four Managers.

Together, the General Manager and Directors comprise our Executive Management Team.

General Manager - Ms Joanne Sangster 

Director Corporate and Community Services (Public Officer) - Vacant

  • Chief Financial Officer (Responsible Accounting Officer) - Vacant
  • Manager Community and Recreation Services - Mr Ian George
  • Manager Customer and Information Services - Mr Peter Moller
  • Manager Human Resources - Mr Glenn Learmont 

Director Infrastructure and Environmental Services - Mr Nathan Skelly

  • Manager Assets and Property - Mr Craig Orvad
  • Manager Civil Infrastructure - Mr Barry Strichen
  • Manager Planning and Regulatory Services - Vacant
  • Manager Water Services - Mr Rodney Batterham