Policies and codes

Anti Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy

Assistance with Water Consumption Costs Associated with Home Haemodialysis Machines Policy 2022

Backflow and Cross Connection Policy

Banner Advertising Policy

Breeding dogs and cats code of practice

Build in the Vicinity of Sewer Mains Policy

Business Assistance Policy

Code of Conduct

Community Engagement Strategy and Framework Policy

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Complaint Handling Policy 2021

Corporate Property and Disposal of Land Policy

Councillor Access to Information and Interaction with Staff Policy

Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy

Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy

Customer Service Charter

Disposal of Surplus Assets Policy

Drinking Water Quality Policy

Dust Suppression Policy

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Financial Assistance Policy

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Financial Reserves Policy

Fire Service Connection Policy

Fraud and Corruption Control Plan 2021

Gates and Grids on Public Roads Policy

Draft Growth Management and Housing Strategy

Guideline on the exercise of functions under the companion animals act

Information and Records Management Policy 2021

Keeping of Animals in Residential Areas Policy

Library Internet Use Policy

Liquid Trade Waste Policy

Local Advisory Group - Terms of Reference - Version 4

Local Preference Purchasing Policy

Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct

Project Management Policy

Public Interest Disclosures Policy

Rural Water Connection to Rising and Trunk Mains Policy

Sale of Land to Recover Unpaid Rates and Charges 2022 Adopted 2022

Statement of Business Ethics

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy 2021

Work Health and Safety (WHS) Policy

Water Account Adjustment Concealed Leak Policy 2022 Adopted 2022