How to lodge a petition to Council

How to lodge a petition to Council

Members of the public can seek to inform the Council about their concerns in many ways.  One method is lodging a petition about a specific issue. 

A petition is a direct request to Council that it takes some particular course of action.  Signing a petition is an important way for citizens and groups to make their concerns known to Council.  Petitions must be signed by at least one person, but are often signed by many people who are hoping to influence the Council on a particular matter. 

You can use the following guidelines for lodging a petition to ensure your petition meets the criteria for Council's consideration.  Each page of the petition should have the "Petition Statement" outlining the matter to be raised and action the petitioners would like Council to take. 

  • Petitions may be considered by the Council provided that they relate to matters on which Council has the power to act. 
  • Petitions must include the full name and residential address as well as the signature of each petitioner. 
  • Electronically signed petitions must include the full name and residential address.
Lodging a Petition

A person may lodge an original petition with the Council by addressing it to:

Liverpool Plains Shire Council - Petitions

PO Box 152


Or you can email your petition to

What happens with my Petition?

Petitions submitted to Council two weeks prior to a Council meeting will be included in the next meeting agenda.  If Council receives a petition after the two week time frame the petition will be presented at the following Council meeting.