Lost and impounded pets

Lost and missing animals

All lost or missing animals should be reported to us. All animals that are found roaming or have been handed in to us are transported to our Animal Welfare Shelter on Merinda Road, Quirindi.

If you have found, seized or captured animal, you must contact us within 72 hours so that our Ranger can come and collect the animal. Failure to notify us within 72 hours is an offence under the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Animals that are microchipped are returned to the owner. If the owner cannot be contacted, we will hold the animal for the legal period of 14 days, after which time the animal will be put up for adoption.

Animals that are not microchipped are held for seven days and if the animal is not collected and is suitable for re-homing, it will be microchipped and placed up for adoption.

Impounded animals

You will need to make an appointment with our Ranger to arrange the release of your animal from our Animal Welfare Shelter on Merinda Road, Quirindi.

Please note that all impounded animals must be microchipped and registered before release from the Animal Welfare Shelter.

You will need to provide suitable identification such as a Driver’s License and any other appropriate documentation for your animal, such as a sterilisation certificate or microchipping form, and pay the required fees prior to the release of your animal.

Animals for adoption

We endeavour to re-home all suitable unwanted cats and dogs from the Animal Welfare Shelter on Merinda Road, Quirindi.

Our Animal Welfare Shelter is a non-kill pound, and we pride ourselves on working with our community and local shelters to re-home all animals that come into our care and are unclaimed.

All animals that are adopted will be microchipped. Adoption will be to approved persons only.

Any person wishing to adopt an animal from the pound should contact our Ranger to arrange an appointment during operating hours.

If you find that you are unable to continue to care for your cat and dog, you should make all attempts to re-home the animal.