Local government elections

The most recent elections for Liverpool Plains Shire Council were held on Saturday, 4 December 2021.

Local government elections in NSW are usually held every four years. However, in response the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the NSW Government postponed the 2020 Local Government elections for 12 months. The next Local Government elections will proceed as scheduled in September 2024.

2021 Local Government election results

The following candidates were declared elected on 23 December 2021:

  • Doug HAWKINS
  • Donna LAWSON
  • Terry COHEN
  • Jason ALLAN
  • Kenneth CUDMORE
  • Paul MOULES
  • Yvonne WYNNE

Further information on the 2021 Local Government elections results is available from the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Check if you can vote

If you're a resident in the Liverpool Plains Shire local government area, you can check if your enrolment details are up-to-date with the Australian Electoral Commission. You must enter your details exactly as they appear on the electoral roll.

Non-Residential Rolls

The non-residential rolls provide people who are non-resident owners, occupiers and rate-paying lessees of rateable land within the Liverpool Plains Shire Council area an opportunity to have a say in who is elected to Council.

There are two non-residential rolls:

  • the roll of non-resident owners of rateable land; and
  • the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees.

These two rolls are combined with the residential roll to form the roll of electors for the Council area, which is used during an election. The residential roll is the list of people who live in the Council area and are eligible to vote in elections.

Further information on the non-residential rolls is available here(PDF, 67KB)

Becoming a Councillor

If you're passionate about what happens in our local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

For more information on how to become a Councillor please see the Office of Local Government website