Quipolly dam

The new Quipolly Dam was constructed in 1955 by the former Peel Shire Council (now Liverpool Plains Shire Council), mainly to provide drinking water to the residents of Werris Creek.  

The old Quipolly Dam, completed in 1932, provided water for town use, stock and the railway. The old dam is now a wonderful habitat for water birds and has a bird hide for twitcher's and visitors alike. 

Quipolly Dam Recreation Area

As Quipolly Dam is a key water source for the local community, Council is required to ensure water quality of the facility is maintained. To facilitate water quality security, the following conditions of use are required:

  • Hours of operation are Sunrise to Sunset.  Gates are locked daily and access out of these hours is considered trespassing. 
  • Lighting of Fires is banned at all times. 
  • Fishing permitted from the designated signposted Recreation area only. 
  • No fuels, flammable substances, propellants or chemicals are to be taken into any area of the dam. 
  • No boats of any kind are to be used on the dam. 
  • No dogs or companion animals of any kind permitted within the Recreation Area - GUIDE DOGS ARE EXEMPT.
  • Shooting is not permitted within any Council controlled area of the dam. 
  • No vehicular access is allowed within the Recreation Area. 
Latest Dam Levels

Web-Table-Quipolly-Dam-Level-2020-2024.pdf(PDF, 159KB)

Quipolly Water Project

Further information on the Quipolly Water Project can be found at the following website:  LPSC-Water