Quirindi Library

Quirindi Library Project 

The Quirindi Library Project creates a Contemporary Community, Art and Cultural Hub that is innovative and increases the liveability of our communities through  improved social infrastructure and community programs. Council’s goal was to create a contemporary Community, Art and Cultural Hub in partnership with our Sister City Blacktown City Council, the Central Northern Regional Library, the State Library of NSW, the NSW Government and the Commonwealth Government.  With extensive consultation with user, community and business groups, and stakeholders, the Liverpool Plains Shire Council is leading by example to show how a small Regional Council can deliver a contemporary Library - Community, Art and Cultural hub to develop and deliver arts and cultural activities for the Liverpool Plains community and visitors.

The redevelopment of the Quirindi Library, Council enables a greater range of activities and services for young children, young adults, and adults through provision of digital facilities, meeting spaces, and areas for group activities. It will allow for the inclusion of art within the Library, creating a community hub for art and culture.

The Library is functional and multi-purpose accommodating a range of activities and uses including:

  • Providing areas for relaxation, research, leisure and learning.
  • Attracting a wide range of users of all age.
  • Providing public Internet and user-friendly access to the latest in technology including printing, scanning and fax.
  • Having effective and efficient delivery of services.
  • Supporting education outcomes by having spaces for study, meetings, and group activities
  • Providing easily accessible collections in a range of formats.

The building itself represents the innovation and art and culture of the community with a dedicated public art gallery. The building is environmentally sustainable with all building materials and services being energy efficient and compliant with the relevant codes. Solar-powered skylights in the roof provide natural light into the building.

Aboriginal culture is central to the cultural fabric of Liverpool Plains, the building’smain colours of Black and Red represent the proud heritage and culture of the Kamilaroipeople.

The pergola over the courtyard symbolises the paddocks of the Liverpool Plains, representing the landscape, the farming culture and agricultural history and providing and area for outdoor networking.